How to Create a Daily Routine that Makes Money | Shark Smarts

How to Create a Daily Routine that Makes Money | Shark Smarts

23:01 24 June in Shark Smarts

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Hi, I’m Jonathan Pierce with which shows people how to discover the business they were born to create. And today, we’re going to talk about how to create a daily routine that makes money.

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Before making money with a routine, the first question to ask is “do you even have a routine?” You want to become a list maker. You want to become that person who tonight is going to write a list of what they want to accomplish tomorrow. For me, I go back and forth between just writing something down on a word doc to writing something down on a piece of paper. All the list is, is basically just what you’re hoping to accomplish that day. Because when your day has no direction, your life ends up being just a bunch of feel good thoughts that are never put into action. Having a daily routine becomes the art of taking baby steps to accomplish those big goals you want to accomplish in your life. So once you get some kind of foundation set up, the next thing you want to do is determine what are the repeatable steps I need to start putting into place to make people who want what I’m offering aware that I’m offering it. This could be spending time on a weekly blog, making a certain number of sales interactions, adding a certain number of products to your store, or working on a weekly video. For example, if you’re a handyman, that might mean taking time every day to post before and after photos of the jobs that you’re completing. So people could be made aware and book you for the next job that they want done. And maybe to accomplish some of these things on a weekly basis will mean breaking them down into baby steps on a daily basis. And that’s what your routine will become. For me personally, I like to spend the first part of my day doing what I need to do to bring an income and then spend the rest of the day working on the new things I want to accomplish in the future. Regardless of when you do it, the goal is to identify what are the repeatable things that I need to be doing every day so that when I do those things, my endeavor makes money. This is what paves the way for the first step of being able to afford some online services to start freeing up your time. Then eventually, the ability to hire employees to replace what you’re having to spend time doing. And as you keep developing it, it ultimately turns into a system like we experience when we go order a coffee at Starbucks. So whether you want to start a remodeling company or become a stand up comedian, it all starts with making a list and creating a routine. Cool!

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If you’d like to start turning your idea into a reality, stay tuned to the end to see how you can get a free copy of The Law of Four Laps. Four laps any idea must be taken through if you want to pay your bills.

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Hi, I’m Jonathan Pierce and my first attempt at making money doing something I enjoyed was basically one big creative mess. The reason for that is because I didn’t know there were actually universal things I should have been putting in place if I wanted my idea to pay my bills. Now maybe you were like me and you ended up continuing what you were doing for years without realizing why it wasn’t working. But once I did, I was able to tweak that first idea into a site that did make sense called Then I was able to apply that same information to create another business called And then again with And looking back, I was so frustrated that the reason for all my struggle was because I just flat-out didn’t know what I needed to know that I decided to do something about it. So I ended up writing a book called The Law of Four Laps. Four laps any idea must be taken through if you want it to pay your bills. And today, I won’t even consider spending time on any idea unless I know I’m prepared to take it through these four laps.

First, you want to identify what you’re really after that gets lost in all the noise. Lap one done right sets the foundation for everything that follows. It’s where you’ll be asking some honest questions to make sure what you’re about to take on is really what you want your life to be about. And identifying the reasons someone will pay for it. Lap one is all about defining what your golden high-tops are to you. And as long as you’re being truthful with yourself, provides the motivation to stick it out at the sludge factory while you’re making your way through the rest of the laps.

Next, you’re going to assemble the physical and digital things you’ll need to turn your idea into somethings that’s tangible. Then you’ll piece together your marketing platform so you can launch the sales process and begin failing forward. Eventually, the work you do in laps three and four will begin bringing in sales every month and before you know it, you’ll have created a business that pays your bills. So whether you’re about to give up on your idea or maybe have already written it off as a failure like I had, the law of four laps can show you how to bring it back to life and start making money. Now like I said, I had experienced so much frustration working my way through the sludge factory to get to the golden high-tops, that I wanted to make sure that anyone who needed this information could get it. So somewhere near this video you’ll see two options. You can either buy the book right now or you can get it for free by helping me share it with others. Just click the option that works best for you to get your copy right now.

To get your copy of The Law of Four Laps, just click the link somewhere near this video. Can’t find the link? Just go to

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